Boneless Iberian Cured Ham Cebo de Campo


Manufactured and deboned by Encinar de Cabezón (Cáceres).

  • Vacuum packaged.
  • Boneless cured ham with all the flavor.
  • No special knife needed, not special device or artefact needed to put the ham on.
    Easer conservation.
  • Approximate weight 3 / 3,5 Kg
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The same quality, the same irresistible taste, but easier to preserve and cut. It is perfect if you are few people or don’t have an appropiate place to store the jamon. You can store in a cool dry place.

We select the center of the ham to provide you with the highest amount of meat as possible so we asure that you will enjoy the most delicious cured meat. You will enjoy the experience.

We recommend to consume not cool to get all nuances and textures. If you cut in little pieces or fine slices, they will melt in your mouth and you will feel very lingering balanced intense flavor. You will try again and again.

50% iberian ham “Cebo de campo” means several ítems. First, the pigs are 50% iberian breed. The iberian breed pork is black and more stylized tan White breed pigs. Second, “cebo de campo”. This means that the animals have been reared in farms for the their first months and semi-free in rich fields and fed with acorns, roots, other fruits, cereals… So they had a good welfare, ideal for a better quality of the meat.

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Weight 3.5 kg