Boneless Iberian Cured Ham Cebo


Manufactured by Dehesa García (Salamanca)

The tasty experience of enjoy real Spanish jamon from 50% iberian breed pigs in a confort manner and avoiding to
use the special knife to cut.

  • Vacuum packaged.
  • Easier to conserve.
  • Soft aromatic taste
  • Approximate weight 4,5 / 5 Kg
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All the flavor, the know how and the quality of this awesome cured ham 50% iberian breed “CEBO” in boneless piece and vacuum packaged. It will take up less storage space and you can conserve easier wrapped in a cloth. If the ham starts to be dry, use a dump cloth. Not wet, just dump. You won’t need special storage like “jamonero” (ham holder) or any special tools.

“CEBO” means that the pigs passed their lifes in specialized farms, with the highest health and hygienic controls.

Try some cured ham every day and you will see how your mood improves in seconds. Eating jamon of high quality is a special pleasure. To cut and to eat will be a kind ceremony that all your friends and family will be glad to enjoy with you as much as possible. It will be the center of atention of all meetings, lunches or dinners.

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg