Boneless Piece Of Cured Ham


Manufactured by Jamones Sánchez (Zaragoza)

  • 18 months curation
  • Vacuum packaged
  • Easy to conserve. Keep in cool and dry storage.
  • Approximate weight 3 / 3,5 Kg
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This cured ham, serrano jamon (jamón serrano in Spanish), comes from white breed pigs and they were raised in specialized farms, with the highest health and hygienic controls.

We select the most appreciate part of the ham for a larger quantity of meat. A wide piece with the most tasty meat and streaks of intramuscular fat, for an excellent taste. The most juicy piece to handle easily and cut slices in machine or knife or cut in little bricks, as you prefer and much enjoy. For sándwiches, for cooking with pasta, rice, potatoes, eggs… culinary possibilities are a lot and all of them are awesome.

We recommend to keep in fresh dry storage, safe from light. You can keep in the fridge, but never let it frozen, wrapped in clean cloth. After several days, it will be necessary to change this cloth for another one for washing and preserve the quality and proper sanitation. You also can wrap with aluminium foil.

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Weight 8 kg