Boneless Serrano Cured Ham


Manufactured by Jamones Sánchez (Zaragoza)

  • Cut, boned and vacumm packaged.
  • Low salted
  • 18 months curation at least
  • Easier to cut and conserve
  • Approximate weight 7 Kg
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An old tradition of the Spanish cuisine, now without bone, for your convenience. A magnificent cured ham, this jamon serrano is made with back legs of White breed pigs. The meat has a peculiar white line of fat that divides it in two parts, with different texture and tone of red color. In combination with its fantastic flavor and nuance will give you surprising sensations in your mouth.

This cured ham, serrano jamon (jamón serrano in Spanish), comes from white breed pigs and they were raised in specialized farms, with the highest health and hygienic controls.

It is ideal for children and sportpeople. You can consume just cutting fine slices, Little bricks or not fine slices, to cook with tomatoe sauce or eggs. You can prepare easy but tasty sándwiches, tapas… or you just take it straight to your mouth and eat.

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Weight 7 kg