Eurogastronomo Lot 2


Manufactured by Encinar de Cabezón (cáceres).

Batch made with:

  • 1 boneless iberian cured ham “cebo de campo”
  • 0,5 kg iberian cured pork loin “lomo cebo de campo”
  • 0,5 kg iberian chorizo

Solid pieces of cured meat, vacuum packaged.
Approximate weight 4,5 kg

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A somewhat smaller lot, ideal for people living alone, couples and small families.

50% iberian ham “Cebo de campo” means several ítems. First, the pigs are 50% iberian breed. The iberian breed pork is black and more stylized tan white breed pigs. Second, “cebo de campo”. This means that the animals have been reared in farms for the their first months and semifree in rich fields and fed with acorns, roots, other fruits, cereals… So they had a good welfare, ideal for a better quality of the meat.

Loin (lomo in Spanish) comes from the area of the pig that has less fat and has a distinctive flavor, different from ham. It is made with very little manipulation. It is a meat marinated with spices. Especially sweet paprika. NOT HOT, NOT SPICY! Hence its reddish color. It has a high concentration of iron, protein and vitamins. Perfect for sportpeople, children and everybody that cares about health.

Chorizo is a very popular cured sausage and children love it, especially. Maybe because of its sweet touch, very pleasant. It is also suitable for very active people and athletes, because it has a high concentration of protein, sodium and iron.
These cured meats (ham, lomo and chorizo) come from animals that have received natural acorns in their diet. And this is very important, because its quality and taste is far superior to ordinary cured meats.

In addition, it is healthier, no doubt. This is because the natural acorns give to their fat characteristics almost equal to those of olive oil. A moderate consumption, then, will help in your cardiovascular health. And, of course, the delicious taste will make your life much happier.

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Weight 4.5 kg