Filleted Cured Meats Lot


Products manufactured by Encinar de Cabezón (Cáceres).

Vacuum packaged ham, loin and chorizo fillets.
Batch made with:

  • 1,2 Kg sliced iberian cured ham “cebo de campo”
  • 0,45 Kgr sliced iberian cured lomo (loin)
  • 0,45 Kgr sliced iberian cured chorizo

Approximate weight 2,4 Kg

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50% iberian ham “Cebo de campo” means several ítems. First, the pigs are 50% iberian breed. The iberian breed pork is black and more stylized tan White breed pigs. Second, “cebo de campo”. This means that the animals have been reared in farms for the their first months and semifree in rich fields and fed with acorns, roots, other fruits, cereals… So they had a good welfare, ideal for a better quality of the meat.

Sliced products for maximum comfort, to consume and preserve. You do not need to cut anything, because it is already sliced, with all its flavor and quality. The best format to prepare snacks and cook tasty dishes and tapas that you and yours will enjoy with delight.

Ham, chorizo and loin are a very important part of the Spanish diet. And we hope that both the chorizo and the loin are also for you. They are an option of easy preparation and combine any dish, with any recipe.

We recommend keeping in a cool place and away from sunlight. Once each pack is open, we recommend removing all the slices from the envelope, stacking them on top of each other and wrapping them in aluminum foil or transparent film. You can then store in the refrigerator, between 4 and 8 degrees C.
And remember: Do not freeze!

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Weight 2.4 kg