Iberian Cured Ham Cebo de Campo


Manufactured by Encinar de Cabezón (Cáceres)

  • 50% breed iberian pigs 50% with breed pigs guaranteed.
  • Acorn, roots and cereal fed animals.
  • A mínimum of 24 months curation.
  • Low salted.
  • Approximate weight 7/7,5 Kg
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50% iberian ham “Cebo de campo” means several ítems. First, the pigs are 50% iberian breed. The iberian breed pork is black and more stylized tan White breed pigs. Second, “cebo de campo”. This means that the animals have been reared in farms for the their first months and semi-free in rich fields and fed with acorns, roots, other fruits, cereals… So they had a good welfare, ideal for a better quality of the meat.

High quality and pronounced flavour, smooth texture without much saturated fat and with plenty of proteins, vitamins and iron. This jamon does not raise the cholesterol level of those who eat it, and it also helps them maintain a low level of heart disease. It is ideal for children and sportpeople and everybody that just enjoy life and its pleasures.

Its characteristic flavour and texture cames from mixin iberian and White breed pigs. So the meat will have intense taste but not excessively.

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Weight 7.5 kg