Reserve Serrano Ham


Manufactured by Jamones Sánchez (Zaragoza).

  • Jamon from the region of Aragon.
  • Pure bred White Landrace pigs.
  • Minumum curing time: 18 months.
  • Approximate weight: 8 / 8,5 Kg
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Jamon Serrano is one of the 2 traditional and typical Spanish cured hams. It is made from the dry cured legs of White pigs. It’s the traditional know-how and the most modern technics and the guarantee of the European Union Laws.

Our jamon serrano is just magnificent ham. The taste of the meat, its aroma and texture… They give to us special sensations and pleasure. The depth of flavour in this cured meat is like no other. That’s why children love it. Well, everybody love it! Healthy and tasty, ideal for all family.

Give a sandwich of jamon serrano to your children, or give it to yourself. While you bite it you will think “yeeeeeeees, I love it!”

That’s why it has an increasing success among our clients.

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Weight 8 kg